Sea Minerals Sugar Scrubs

Sea Minerals Sugar Scrubs

*Featuring special edition red, white and pink packaging*


The game changing sugar scrub! Beats expensive scrubs hands down, as attested by the fact customers come back and buy these time and time again.


The Sea Minerals scrub contains a sprinkle of dead sea salts and has a fresh, oceanic, unisex fragrance enjoyed by people of any gender!


Just rub this luscious, tactile, bar over your skin in the bath or shower and the cocoa butter will start to melt, releasing grains of sugar and a sensual layer of softening oil, then work it into your rough areas to exfoliate and moisturise them. You can either wash it off with your soap or body wash, or just rinse off the sugar with water to leave the cocoa butter on your skin for an extra nourishing treat.


You can store your scrub in soap dish or bag, just make sure it's not too hot.


All Venus in Stars products are


  • handmade in the UK by small, ethical producers

  • vegan and cruelty free

  • contain no harsh chemicals.


These generous 90g bars are wrapped by hand in paper wrapping before being sent to you in recycled and recyclable packaging. We offer high quality at a reasonable price as treating your body kindly needn't cost the earth.


You can now choose to have your product in a recyclable and biodegradable paper bag rather than wrapped in protective wax paper. If you're going to use your product immediately then a paper bag is a good option however if you're going to keep the product in a cupboard for more than a couple of days or if you're going to gift it, we'd advise sticking with the usual waxed paper option.

  • Return Policy

    If you're not happy with your order just get in touch within 2 weeks of receiving it and we'll give you a return address to send it back to. We are happy to accept returns of unopened items within the 2 week timescale, except for personalised or special order items.