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10 Ethical Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love, from £2.50 - £34.00

Here's just a quick rundown of some of the best gifts from independent sellers this Mother's Day. All these businesses are small UK based companies and all sell online, and none of these are affiliate links I just really like the products and know the folk behind the companies are good eggs.

1 For the stylish mum - Tweed Neck Warmer from Crafty Wee Birdie Giftshop £34

Cast n'er a cloot til May be oot! These classy neck warmers come in a variety of colours and are locally made to Crafty Wee Birdie Giftshop in Nairn. If you're ever in Nairn you should pop in, it's a really lovely shop and I could honestly buy 1 of everything!

There's also an option to include gift wrapping with your order which is another item off your list.

2 For the mum who needs a pamper - Venus in Stars Sugar Scrub £4.75

They're my best sellers for a reason! But also I really wouldn't steer you wrong. Sometimes busy people don't think to buy themselves items beyond shower gel or soap, but if they're gifted with something, they might just give it a shot! The sugar scrubs really do what they promise and come in waxed paper rather than plastic which is better for the planet than a gift set packed with the stuff! Also, if you join Star Club before you buy, you'll get a discount too! You can join Star Club here.

3 For the mum who loves nature Set of 6 greetings cards from The Butterfly and Toadstool £12

Dee from The Butterfly and Toadstool does not just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Donations from each of her card packs and art prints go to one of 3 environmental charities, with donations from this particular set going to Marine Conservation Society. All Dee's cards are printed on 100% recycled card and come with recycled kraft paper envelopes, and she's got a transparent and robust Environmental Policy what you can read more about here along with her charity giving.

As I've got older I've really appreciated gifts like this because, just like chocolates or bath products, they're practical items to use. I can look at them and love them, then share the love by sending one to a friend, and I LOVE having cards on hand to send out at birthdays and just when I feel like it! It's also a great way to support artists when you may not be able to give a home to one of their artworks.

Oh and if you sign up to Dee's mailing list on her website you'll get a discount code to use in her Etsy shop!

4 For a more sustainable alternative to hothouse grown flowers Miemi Felt Flowers from £2.50

So flowers can be a divisive topic and buying flowers from a local organic grower who grows outside, or from a florist who is using ethical blooms is a great way to support local business, however the bulk of flowers that will be sold this Mother's Day will likely come from a supermarket and they're a different kettle of fish entirely with many on the shelves in UK this year coming from industrial farms in West Africa and South America.

As more people are getting wise to the problems around cheap blooms, reusable flowers have become super trendy and these high quality felt flowers are just gorgeous! Make your own bouquet from different blooms or choose a ready made bouquet or garland.

5 For the whimsical mum a recycled cardboard house from PaperPineTree £28

Jenny of Paper Pine Tree makes her fairy tale like houses from recycled cardboard and each one is so adorable and cute, right out of a story book! They look so magical with a battery operated light in them. Jenny has lots of other eco conscious items such as animals made from old books, hand painted items and beautiful cards.

6 For the mum with hard working hands, Cosy Cottage hand and body cream £10.95

Did anyone else when they hit 40 immediately start going through gallons of hand cream or is it just me? Never before in my life had I regularly used a hand cream and suddenly BAM, pass the hand cream. If this has not happened to you yet please take my word for it, a good hand cream is a great gift that will definitely go to use.

These Cosy Cottage creams have no added water so everything in there is a working ingredient. They don't just moisturise, they are also work really nicely as a barrier cream if you're going to be gardening or doing something else messy as they protect skin and make it easier to clean your hands afterwards.

I'm currently using the geranium one (literally as I type this I have it on) and it smells slightly like Turkish Delight! I have to say my favourite version is the lavender as it feels more softening to me. I'm really not a fan of lavender as a scent in general but I really like this!

7 For the avid zero waste mama Organic Linen Bread Bags from SadesCreations £6.95

I really need to get some of these. Sadie makes not just bread bags but also produce bags, bowl covers, snack bags, sandwich bags and more that are not just useful but really pretty too! I have some reusable produce bags that I use all the time in every single supermarket and they're just great. If you are lucky enough to shop at markets or farmers markets the stallholders will LOVE you for bringing your own packaging too. And these linen bags are just so aesthetically pleasing too, I'd feel super special using them.

Gifts, giving and receiving, are absolutely my love language and when someone gives me something that I can use every day, regardless of how basic or simple or non gift like it seems, each time I use it I'm reminded that person took the time to gift me it and it makes me really happy.

8 For the mum who likes crafting a Felted Soap Kit from The Green Boat £12

Léla from Aberdeen based The Green Boat has a number of downloadable instruction sets in her shop as well as this fun kit which provides you with everything you need to complete the project. You can even add a bar of soap! Felted soap is a great natural exfoliator and this kit may be something even the most avid crafter may not have seen before.

9 For the make up wearing mum Make Up Wipes from The Weaselry £8

OK so I don't wear make up every day, but I do use these every day! I was lucky enough to win a set of these lovely wipes in a giveaway a while back and I adore them. They're soft but tough and remove a shocking amount of dirt just with water!

I'll be honest I didn't 'get' reusable make up wipes when they came out because I felt like what's the difference to a face cloth but they're much gentler on your skin and way more convenient to use when you're taking off make up than both a cloth and cotton wool pads. I keep my clean ones in a jar and I have a wee drawstring bag that I put my dirty ones in then stick them in the washer in their bag. I'm a total convert!

10 For the jewellery loving mum a Mother's Day Gift Box from knittykittybangbang £17-£20

For those who are new here, knittykittybangbang is my other company! Run with the same ethics as Venus in Stars, and on the road to zero waste, I make colourful art jewellery that makes people smile. The new range of Mother's Day gift boxes lets you choose your choice of stud earrings with a cute, cheeky or downright rude gift box. You can also join kkbb VIP to get a discount on your order plus an exclusive art print with each order.


Dee from The Butterfly and Toadstool mentioned above has created a set of cards for Ukraine. These cards have been designed especially to help raise funds for the Ukraine crisis and 100% of proceeds from the sale of these cards will be donated to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. I'm sure all mums would be happy to receive one of these as their card this year.

Let me know what you think of these! As I said, I'm not an affiliate of any of these products, I just really like them and think your mum would too.

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